The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is tracking illegal vacation rentals. Please help us crowdsource this information.
All vacation rentals are illegal unless the owner gets a conditional use permit from the Planning Department.
Do you know of a property owner renting out their unit(s) on AirBnB or other vacation rental sites (ie. VBRO)? *

We are not looking to track renters who rent out units on AirBnB, etc.
What is the address? *

What type of vacation rental is it? *

How many units is the building? *

If you know it, who is the owner of the building?

Do you know if an eviction has taken place here? *

{{answer_1215775}} What type of eviction?

If you know it, can you provide the URL of the vacation rental listing?

If you are amenable to followup questions, what is the best way to contact you? We will not make this information public.

Thanks so much for helping us to track illegal vacation rentals! For an affordable San Francisco!
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